In compliance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code - The use of a land access map
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"In compliance with the Scotish Outdoor Access Code" is the working title of a MSc project that I am currently undertaking. The thesis is about visualization of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and aims to facilitate public access to the outdoors. One outcome of the dissertation will be an aid, in the form of a map, for people who wish to find out were and when it is suitable to pass through a particular piece of land whilst walking in the countryside. For example, one could assume that an individual or a group of people can walk through a field in wintertime without disturbing any crops, but this will not be the case in the early spring when the crops are growing. Another example might be if the field is used for grazing, when it might not be acceptable to pass through the field when the cows have their calves.

The aim is also to outline a methodology for creating this ‘access map’ based on geospatial technologies, e.g. remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS).

The project is non-profit and unfunded and is part of the Applied Geospatial Technology program at the University of Aberdeen. It runs for 2.5 month, between end of May to 15th of August.


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